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Asking God For Wisdom This Year

Sermon Date: January 6, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of 1 Kings 3:7-14 titled Asking God For Wisdom This Year.



  • We need wisdom each and everyday. In order for God to use us, we need wisdom. Everyone does not speak words of wisdom in our life and in our circle. We have to discern and ask God to give us wisdom to listen to good counsel. 

Main Points

  • When Job was going through his trials and tribulations, he had 3 friends. His friends sat with him for seven days, but after the seven days they began to accuse Job of doing something to deserve his punishment. 

  • Wisdom begins when we ask God to supply it. (vs. 5) In Solomon's dream he has a two way conversation with God. God told Solomon to ask what he wanted, and He would supply it. 

  • Godly wisdom is pure, peaceful, gentle, reasonable, and full of mercy and good fruits. Wisdom is the understanding of how to make the right decisions. The same wisdom that Solomon asked for, we too, can ask for it (James 1:5, John 15:7).

  • Solomon asked for the same covenant with God that his father had. Solomon was humble enough to ask god for wisdom. 

  • Wisdom is thinking and living as God has designed us to live. We must put God first, and ourselves second (Matt. 6:31-33) The only thing that can satisfy us is Jesus. 

  • Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge to everyday life. God will give you wisdom, but you have to operate it yourself. Faith and wisdom work in the same realm. In order to activate faith, we must trust God. 

  • The wisdom that God is offering is in His Word(Psalm 119: 97-98) God not only gave Solomon wisdom, He also gave him riches. No king after or before had more; except for Jesus. God told Solomon to keep His heart pure to Him. After a while, Solomon married women who served other gods, which caused him to have a divided heart. This caused his kingdom to be divided down the road. 

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