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Having Compassion For Others

Sermon Date: January 13, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Matthew 14: 14-21 titled Having Compassion For Others.



  • Jesus always demonstrated compassion towards others. Being that Jesus is compassionate towards others, we should also be compassionate towards other people.  Jesus gave up His private time to people who were sick and afflicted. 

Main Points

  • Jesus saw the multitude of people, and He was moved with compassion.  It is important for us to see what is going on around us. The disciples saw the people, but they didn't see the circumstances. Jesus saw people for what they were; people who were sick and needs that needed to be met.  Jesus came to minister and not to be ministered to (Matt 20:28). The disciples didn't have the compassion that Jesus had for the people. We must have compassion for others because we could end up in the same situations.

  • It is important to see the needs of others, and do something about it. Its not enough to acknowledge the need, but we need to act upon it. Jesus was not asking the disciples to provide food for the multitude, He was testing their faith. 

  • Jesus wants us to give what we have to help others, no matter how little or small it is. What is minor to us can be major to someone else.  Jesus took the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and looked up to Heaven and blessed it.

  • Jesus displays His power. Jesus was upset because the disciples had been around Him long enough to know that Jesus was able to provide for the multitude, and yet they didn't believe at first.  Jesus was able to bless the crowd with enough food, and there was even baskets of left overs!  Jesus does not just give us enough, He gives us even more than what we deserve.

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