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The Church We Need to Become

Sermon Date: February 3, 2019



  • Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Acts 2:40-47 titled The Church We Need to Become.



  • We have not arrived where we need to be.  We need to let God into all areas of our lives.  God has to continue to mold us.

  • The Church, the Body of Christ, consists of all who have accepted Christ.  It is not a building, but the individuals that make up the Body of Christ.

  • Christ has a love for His Church (Matt 16:18, Eph. 5:27). 

Main Points

  • The first church was a saved Church (3000 souls were saved and baptized).  

    • The problem today is that there are a lot of people in churches that are not saved.

    • Signs of being saved: Abiding in God's Word (John 8:31); Being attached to the Vine (John 15:1-14);  Repent and be baptized (Acts 2:37).

  • The first church was steadfast in scripture.  

    • We won't know God's will for us if we don't read God's Word.

    • The teaching of God's Word makes us have sound doctrine.  

    • We need to study God's Word in order to be able to explain it to others.

    • We need to study God's Word in order to combat sin by internalizing it (Psalm 119:11).

    • We need to study in order to understand God's ways (Psalm 119:18).  

    • A healthy church must be committed to sound doctrine.

  • The first church was a church that had fellowship (1 John 1:3).  

    • We are commanded to have fellowship with one another (Heb. 10:24-25).​

  • The first church was centered around Christ.  

    • Everything that they did was centered around Christ.

    • Communion acknowledges the wondrous work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

    • Communion keeps the church pure.​

  • The first church was a praying church.

    • Prayer moves God.  

    • A church that doesn't pray has no strength.  

    • It is our duty to pray on a regular basis.  

    • God speaks to us through His Word and we talk to God through our prayers.  If we are not reading His Word or praying, then we are not communing with God.

    • Prayer is key - somethings can only be done through prayer.  

    • We should seek God's face for favor through prayer.

  • The first church feared (reverenced) the Lord.

    • It is the feeling we get when we recognize the awe of God.

  • The first church experienced miracles (Acts 9:35).  

    • A miracle is something that only God can do.  God is still doing miracles today (e.g.  saving people, etc.).

    • The first church shared.  

    • The Lord touched their hearts to share what they had with others.  

    • When God shows you a need, then you are able to meet the need through Jesus Christ.

  • The first church was a joyful church.

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