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The Healing Power of Jesus

Sermon Date: February 10, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Matthew 4:23-25 titled The Healing Power of Jesus.



  • All of us have been sick (spiritually, financially, and physically).  Jesus has healing power (e.g. the blind man that was healed; lepers that were healed; the woman that was bleeding for 12 long years, etc.).  Jesus was on a preaching tour  - He went into the synagogues to preach the Gospel. 

Main Points

  • Teaching, preaching, and healing were all part of Jesus' ministry.  

    • The truth will glorify God, will give us what we need even when we don't want it.  

    • The preaching shows His concern for commitment.  

    • Healing is an important part of Jesus' ministry.  

    • His healing shows His concern for wholeness. 

  • Specific types of healing listed in the text: spiritual healing, healing of physical sickness, mental healing

    • Spiritual and emotional afflictions are caused by Satan, but he cannot possess you if you are a believer

    • Jesus can heal the body, mind, and spirit

    • Great multitudes followed Him

    • God's gift of physical healing is not the greatest gift He can give us.  The greatest gift is forgiveness of our sins (Matt 9:1-8).

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