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What Happens Next?

Sermon Date: March 3, 2019



Minister Gibbs preached a message out of 1 Peter 5:6-11 titled What Happens Next?



  • The sermon will focus on the three 'a' approach:

    • Anchored

    • Aware/Alert

    • Assured 

Main Points

  • We need to be anchored in what happens next (John 21:15-17).

    • Peter was charged with feeding the sheep and being humble recipients of instruction.

    • When trials and tribulations occur, we need to be anchored in the Word so that we can endure.

  • We need to be alert in what happens next.

    • Be alert to the fact that there are demonic forces at work in the physical realm.

    • Be alert that Satan can lure us into traps. 

    • Our sobriety reflects that we have a serious mindset about Christ.

    • ​Resist the enemy by:

      • Staying sober as we maintain our faith

      • Continuing to learn the Word and apply it to our lives

      • Not embracing an isolated state - do not hug your hurts as if no one else is going through trials and tribulations.

  • We need to be assured in what happens next.

    • Assurance is having certainty and security. 

    • Our assurance is that Jesus has power over life and death. 

    • We can rest in assurance that we are being strengthen through our temporary circumstances. 

    • The believer must be positioned towards hope - hope in our Lord and Savior (1 Peter 4:12). 

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