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Sermon Date: March 10, 2019



Rev. Howard Miller preached a message out of Psalm 91:1-13 titled Help!



  • There are many times in life when we need help: finances, health, family, etc.

  • It can be difficult to ask for help.

  • Pride hinders us from admitting and asking for help .

Three Things to Obtain God's Help:

  •  Draw near to God and live in His presence (v.1-2).

    • God is a very present help (Psalm 46).

  • Believe God and trust Him to help us (v.3-8).

    • He is omniscient and omnipotent.

    • He sees and knows everything and has all power. 

  • Be aware. God's ultimate protection is conditional.

    • His greatest gifts are reserved for those who love Him most (those who have accepted Christ).

    • We must also be aware of the evil one (Rev. 20:1-2).

    • We must be aware that Satan knows scripture also. We must have our full armor on before we go out. 

Concluding Remarks

  • Remember that your help comes from God. 

  • Only God can help you out of any situation that your are in. God should always be your first alert. You will find the help you need to get through your situation in God. 

  • We must give  our life to Jesus to obtain God's greatest gifts:

    • Deliverance

    • God will set him on high

    • God will answer him

    • God will be with him in times of trouble

    • God will deliver him and honor him

    • God will give him long life and satisfy him

    • God will reveal His salvation

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