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Neighbor, How Do You Treat God?

Sermon Date: March 31, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Matthew 10:32-33 titled Neighbor, How Do You Treat God?



  • We ought to love God with our whole being (Matt. 22:37-39).  He is the source of love.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself .

Main Points

  • Sometimes we draw our attention to ourselves (Num. 20:7-12; Ex. 17:6)

    • God will not share His glory with anyone​

  • You must be willing to confess His name

    • Acknowledge Him before any and everyone (not just before friends)

    • There are no secret disciples

    • He calls us openly and we must be willing to acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior

    • We should not be ashamed of Him

    • A public confession of your faith as a Christian is necessary (Mark 8:38)

    • We must confess Him in the most difficult time​

  • Christ can be denied in three ways:

    • He can be denied by your word.  Every word you speak can stand for righteousness or unrighteousness.  Your words can be a stumbling block.  Are your words going to build or tear someone down?

    • We can deny Christ by the way we act. We ought not to conform to this world, but to be transformed (Rom. 12:1-2).  We have to put actions behind our words.

    • We deny Christ by our silence.  Silence is probably the greatest denial against Christ as believers.​

  • Only you can answer the question about how you treat God

    • Are you faithful in your ministry?

    • Are you faithful in your prayer life?

    • Are you faithful in reading God's Word?

    • Are you loving and treating people the way that you should?​

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