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The Anointing of Jesus

Sermon Date: April 7, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Matthew 26:6-13 titled The Anointing of Jesus.



  • High Priests, Prophets, and Kings were anointed; but Jesus was the anointed One ( 1 Sam. 10:1; Ex. 28:41; 1 Kings 19:16). 

Main Points

  • Mary demonstrates her love and her faith for her Master. She loved Jesus enough to give Him what she had. She gave Jesus something precious and expensive.This should make us examine ourselves on how we show our love to Jesus. Love is giving up yourself for another. Love is an action.

  • Mary sacrificed her best.  What are we sacrificing for the Master?  In Romans 12:1, it says that we should be a living sacrifice. Mary sacrificed fragrant oil that was worth a year's wages. True love sacrifices self. It gives of itself all that one has.

  • Mary demonstrated her service. She sat at the feet of Jesus. Mary gave Jesus a precious gift because of all that he had done for her. She gave Him her best.

  • Mary worshipped the Master.  She showed her act of worship and devotion. Mary had an expression of admiration for Christ. She had courage to proclaim what she had for Jesus in front of everyone. She did not concern herself with what others thought. Any act of true worship, fills the courts of Heaven with fragrance. We need to make sure that we give God our best!

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