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Face Your Goliaths

Sermon Date: April 28, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of 1 Samuel 17:26-51 titled Face Your Goliaths.



  • We all have Goliaths that we must face. If you don't deal with the Goliath, your Goliath will deal with you. 

Main Points

  • We can not be afraid of our enemy

    • We must overcome our fears with faith. 

      • The battle belongs to the Lord.  

      • No weapon formed against us shall prosper 

      • 1 John 4:4 says greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. So we have something inside of us that will allow us to  overcome.

    • We need the Spirit of the Lord in order to fight our giants.​

  • We will be misunderstood at times when we try to help

    • Sometimes people think that we are insignificant and worthless because we might not be on their intellectual level or have the things that they have. However, Jesus sees the value in us. 

    • Only God knows our heart ( Jeremiah 17:10)​

  • Let no one underestimate your age being with the Lord

    • You don't have to be old to have experienced some things. All you have to do is be close to God.  

    • Saul underestimated David because of his age and his size. ​

  • Take the opportunity to brag on God

    • If we trusted God in our past, we should be even more willing to trust Him now. 

    • Any and every time we have the opportunity to brag on God; we should do so.​

  • David prepares to fight Goliath

    • Goliath was offended because  David was a boy sent to fight  him.

    • David ran towards his enemy and not from him. 

    • David used Goliath's sword to cut his head off.

    • If God did all of this for David, just imagine what he can do for us. 

    • If you are a child of God; He will defend you.​

  • David defeats Goliath and he predicted what he is going to do to him

    • Fear brings out the worst in us. 

    • Fear does one predictable thing; it distorts our vision.​

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