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Mother That Believed Her Son Was Able

Sermon Date: May 12, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of John 2:1-12 titled Mother That Believed Her Son Was Able.



  • We need wisdom each and everyday. In order for God to use us, we need wisdom. Everyone does not speak words of wisdom in our life and in our circle. We have to discern and ask God to give us wisdom to listen to good counsel. 

Main Points

  • Jesus's mother had a situation.

    • Mary knew what her son was capable of.

    • Parents must encourage their children, especially when no one else does.​

  • Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew her son.

    • Mary goes to her firstborn son, Jesus, to solve the issue.

    • She knows Jesus is the only one who could help even though she had never seen him perform a miracle at this point.

    • Mary points the servants to Jesus and says to do whatever he tells them.​

  • Mary's faith and confidence were in her son.

    • We miss our blessings when we do not obey Jesus. 

    • It is important for parents to have confidence in their children.​

  • The significance of what Jesus did.

    • The miracle is two-fold:

      • People will know this is Mary's son who came from Nazareth. Jesus is more than a carpenter.

      • To manifest who Jesus is that people might come to know Him, He put his deity on display.​

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