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Are You Ready for Jesus?

Sermon Date: May 19, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Matthew 24:36-51 titled Are You Ready for Jesus?



  • There is a special blessing attached to reading the book of Revelation that is not attached to any other book in the Bible. 

Main Points

  • Have an attitude of alertness

    • No one knows when Jesus will return

    • Not even the angels know the time even though they are around the throne of God

    • Only the Father knows the time (Luke 21:36)

    • People during Noah's time were not alert and did not take heed,  so they were  caught off guard by the flood. 

    • The ark symbolizes safety and salvation; however, the outside represents judgment.​

  • Have an attitude of readiness

    • Jesus will return when we least expect it​

  • Being faithful to the end

    • Believers must be faithful to the end. We are saved for a purpose and a reason: To bring glory and honor to God

    • How are we glorifying God? We should be:

      • Using our gifts and talents to edify the church

      • Witnessing to the unsaved

      • Being good stewards with the resources God has given us

      • Keep your eyes focused on God and what He has done for you.

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