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Where Have You Been?

Sermon Date: May 26, 2019



Minister Gibbs preached a message out of Mark 1:28-38 titled Where Have You Been?



  • Is balance God's will?  The most important thing in life is whether or not something is God's will.  Family, church, work and friends are common and most important to us. What does God say about it? Is balance obtainable?  

Main Points

  • Matthew, Mark, and Luke have a lot of similarities. However, in Mark, it shows the suffering that a disciple may endure. Mark leaves out genealogy and Old Testament references because the Gentiles are his target audience.

  • Through out the Bible you will see the challenge of "where have you been"? 

  • Jesus has been healing and teaching in the synagogue. As a result, his fame spread quickly.  He has fellowshipping, duplicating, and healing.

  • How do we deal with balance in the work place? We must balance our work, but also tell others about Jesus.  We come to church to train for the harvest.

  • If you don't spend intimate time with the Father, you are a sinking vessel . It is important to spend some alone time with God because if not, you will be running on your own energy. This causes you to become burned out.

  • In ministry, there will always be more problems than you can address. We need each other because the ministry is bigger than us. However, if you seek God's face, He will guide you.

  • Balancing is not easy, but it is obtainable.  Family, church, work, and friends are common elements, but they are ever-changing. Sometimes, we need to spend more or less time in each one. God being the  Author of our lives, knows what we need to grow better than we do.

  • Jesus knew to be prepared because He spent intimate time with the Father. We should do the same.

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