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Are You Desperate For Your Healing?

Sermon Date: June 2, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Matthew 20:29-34 titled Are You Desperate For Your Healing?



  • All of us still need work.  All of us are in need of healing: spiritual, mental, physical, or financial.

  • Jesus is the only one that can heal us. 

Main Points

  • Why did the people multitude's follow Jesus? 

    • Some followed Christ because they had a great need...and he is able to fix the need

    • Some follow because of what they can get out of Him

    • Some follow Christ out of curiosity.

    • Some follow Christ because they thought He was to overthrow the nation.

    • Some followed because they honestly believed that he was the Messiah.​

  • The people were desperate.

    • Have you ever been desperate that you are willing to try anything?

    • The blind men were desperate.  They couldn't see, but they could hear.

    • Blindness is the condition we're in without Christ.

    • The blind men were physically blind, but not spiritually blind (like the Pharisees).

    • Some of us are walking blind (2 Cor. 4:3-4)​

  • The desperate, by crying for mercy, can be saved.

    • You have to seize the opportunity to get help.​

  • There are many hindrances to seek after Christ.

    • Sometimes we stand in our own way and make excuses why we can't be where we need to be.

    • Sometimes others stand in our way.

    • Sometimes it's circumstances that hinder us.

    • The blind men didn't let any of the above stand in their way.  They would not be denied.  They didn't listen to the nay-sayers. They were persistent.​

  • They made their request known.

    • They went to Jesus trusting that He could open their eyes.

    • We must make our requests known through prayer.

    • You have to believe that Jesus can do it.​

  • They believed in Christ.

    • They believed in His power.

    • There is nothing too hard for God.  He specializes in things that are impossible.

    • When the blind men were healed, they followed Him because they believed He was the true Messiah.​

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