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Finishing Strong

Sermon Date: June 9, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Joshua 14:6-13 titled Finishing Strong.



  • We need to learn how to finish what we started and finish strong.  The Lord will use us when we get older.  So, there is no seat for retirement when you serve the Lord. 

Main Points

  • We need to reflect on God's promises

    • Caleb reflected on God's promises.  Sometimes you have to reflect on the promises of God (e.g. He promised He would never leave us).  He keeps His promises (Psalm 37:25).  There are  4500+ promises in the Bible.​

  • Caleb knew that God had kept him alive for a purpose

    • You are here for a reason

    • God promised Caleb a reward for his faith

    • God has a purpose for every believer that believes in his Word (Jer. 29:11)

    • God kept Caleb alive (Numbers 14:36-38)

    • God gave Caleb new mercies from wars and plagues and also gave him grace (as Caleb was from Canaan)

    • There is no room for us to sit on the sideline​

  • Caleb showed faith and courage

    • Caleb showed his faith when speaking with Joshua

    • How do you see yourself in the face of other people?  Why do we let other people intimidate us when we serve the same God that they serve?

    • God is able to fight your battles

    • Sometimes you have to claim what you need in the name of Jesus based upon faith.  Caleb had big faith, courage, and strength.​

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