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The Father's Unconditional Love

Sermon Date: June 16, 2019



Pastor Boyd preached a message out of Luke 15:11-24 titled The Father's Unconditional Love.



  • This will be a two-part sermon.  This week we will look at the prodigal son and the father's response to him.  Next week, we will look at the self-righteous son. 

Main Points

  • The younger son was foolish

    • He demanded that his father gives him something that doesn't belong to him

    • He was disrespectful to his father

    • He was selfish and stubborn

    • The father didn't have to give him anything.  Sometimes we give our kids too much too fast so that they have a sense of entitlement.​

  • The results of the son's decision

    • There are always results (positive or negative) when decisions are made

    • He lived recklessly in a far country and wasted all

    • He began to be in want when there was a famine in the land

    • He had to get a job (one that wasn't good)

    • Sometimes we get too much too fast and we waste it (because we don't see the value and take things for granted)​

  • He came to himself

    • Sometimes you have to go to the pig pin in order to come to himself (i.e. when we hit bottom)

    • We can't be enablers...we have to get out of the way

    • He remembered that his father had many servants and provisions...and a sense of being loved (those are the steps of repentance)

    • You have to recognize your condition of sin

    • You have to turn away from your sin life and move towards God​

  • The Father's forgiveness and restoration

    • The father sees his son a great ways off and runs towards him

    • He had compassion for his son & kissed him

    • The robe restored him to a position of sonship and honor

    • The ring represents his position of authority

    • The shoes elevates him above a servant

    • The son went away one way, but came back another way.  However, the father embraces his son and forgives him.

    • The father's eyes are merciful (no matter what he sees, he's not thrown aback by it)

    • Nothing can separate us from the love of God​

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