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About Pastor Boyd


Pastor Henry Michael Boyd has faithfully served as the under shepherd of Mount Zion Baptist Church for over twenty three years following his installation in September 1992.  He is recognized by the congregation as a God-fearing man of faith, whose trust in God has led him to be a preacher and teacher of the Word of God.


Pastor Boyd is committed to serving his family, church, and community.  His trust in Jesus Christ has not only allowed him to minister in the community, but has taken him to Africa for missionary work and support there as well.  As a firm believer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in order to further his knowledge of God, he attended Lancaster Bible college in October 2005 where he completed his course of study, and graduated in May 2007.  Pastor Boyd is steadfast in his dedication to ministry and the development of the Church regularly attending conferences for Pastors and Church development.


Pastor Boyd and his wife Patty have been blessed to have three children, one daughter-in-law, four grandsons, one granddaughter, and four great grand children.


Pastor Boyd believes in the strength of unity (Mark 3:24) and the exemplary life (Titus 2:2).  As a leader, he is a firm believer and stands boldly to proclaim the Word of God!

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